Success Stories

#Success Stories – New Austrian Coding School

New Austrian Coding School( former refugees{code})

is a programming school for all people who want to work as software developers in the future. After the success of the last training course they decideed to address an even larger target group by changing their name to New Austrian Coding School.

At the end of the nine-month training, the aim is to integrate the participants into the Austrian labour market. The training consists of a total of three phases: Basic phase, specialisation phase and a project phase.

New Austrian Coding School has been part of the Playpark programme since March 2018.

When they heard about the possibility to use a coworking space for 6 months free of charge and the possibility to receive coachings they applied immediately.

As they didn’t have enough space for a team meeting room with their programming courses in the Nordbahnhalle, the location and infrastructure of Playpark were ideal for co-working and co-creating.
We can see them regularly in our meeting room, where they use the proviting flipcharts and whiteboards for brainstorming and creative decision making.

Already in the first week the team exchanged phone numbers with our Italian chef so that they could order a meal every now and then before their weekly Jour Fixe appointments.

The expertise of the coaching and their mentor throughout the programme has helped them in the development within the organization.
The time in the ‘Playpark’ can really be seen as a playplark, where start-ups in the initial phase as well as established projects (like themselves) have the opportunity to exchange ideas and develop them further together.

They won the big CERIecon Playpark Final in Venice for the category “Social Start-up”, where they competed against start-ups from 7 different EU countries. As a prize, they can now use Playpark for another 6 months free of charge!

The placement rate of their current course is 90%. A super successful half year, congratulations New Austrian Coding School!

You can find more information about New Austrian Coding School here:




#Success Stories- Kern Tec

Kern Tec
works with an innovative technology, which can be used both regionally and sustainably to process stone fruit kernels into a variety of products, such as snacks, oils or ecological blasting agents.

Photo Credit: Hannah Frost

Their entrepreneurial career began with the lecture ‘Die Garage’, an interdisciplinary lecture organised jointly by WU, TU and BOKU. During which they came up with the idea for their future company and found their first mentors.

Fun Fact: Their preliminary working title was ‘Crack’s’.

>>The next big step was the application and admission to the Playpark in March ’18!<<.

They decided to call themselves Kern Tec and still have a lot of fun making comparison to nuclear energy, such as: ‘Austria has a high unused potential to split cores’. Another example here.

Photo Credit: Hannah Frost, Kern Tec and Refugees{code}, winners of the internal pitching finals

They used the 6-month programme at Playpark to get off to a good start with their start-up using the Co-Working Space and getting support from the coaching/mentoring units and the community in Playpark.

As soon as they completed their business plan, they were able to get their first funding.

Over the last 6 months they did not only win the Rudolf Sallinger Foundation’s Future Founders Challenge 2018, as well as the first place in the ClimateLaunchpad. They also won the grand final of the Playpark in Venice, where they competed against start-ups from 7 different countries.
As a prize they can use the Playpark Coworking Space for another six months free of charge!

Photo-Credit: Nadja Najjar ClimateLaunchpad Final of [six!] Students’ Innovation Centre

The biggest success so far has been the AWS First grant, which enables them to carry out a “prototyping” and determine their “proof of concept”. Together with their research partners, they will now carry out their product tests and advance the further development of their machines.

Congratulations Kern Tec! The last six months have been very productive and successful. We are looking forward to seeing where your company stands in six months!
You can find more information about Kern Tec here:



#Success Stories – Alpengummi


The first natural chewing gum in the Alps is made from tree resin from the Lower Austrian black pine and thus supports pine-tapping- a craft threatened to extinct. Alpengummi is a pure natural product and therefore free of synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients, as is the case with most conventional chewing gums.

Here you can find their personal profiles on our website.

Alpengummi participated in the Playpark program from October 2017 to February 2018.

Simultaneously with their admission to Playpark, they attended the lecture ‘Garage’, where they received a lot of support for the further development of their idea. They used the six months at the Playpark intensively to learn from their mentors, receive feedback, use pitch training and fine-tune their business plan through the various workshops.

Sandra von Alpengummi at a workshop in Playpark:

Photo Credit: Max Veulliet


Playpark also helped them to create a network in the sustainability-driven entrepreneurship scene and to establish valuable contacts for their product development. They receive good feedback and more support from the industry than they initially expected.

Towards the end of the Playpark program they also applied for the “Innovate4Nature” competition and were among the 6 best. Now they can use the prize money and an office space in the Impact Hub to further develop their idea. They also won the Rudolf Sallinger Foundation’s Future Founders Challenge 2018 and received support from the AWS.

Photo Credit: Lukas Neugebauer


These successes now give them the right contacts and liquidity to continue working on their start-up. At the moment, they spend most of their time in the laboratory at university, where they are busy perfecting their chewing gums.

We are looking forward to finding your products in the supermarket!

You can find more information about Alpengummi here: