Playpark Vienna


Our Playpark is more than just an ordinary Co-Working Space!


Graphic recording by Lana Lauren ( Photo credit: Ritchy Pop

Who are we?

CERIecon Playpark Vienna is a unique academy for young start-ups and future entrepreneurs who want to tackle sustainability challenges through their entrepreneurial creativity.

We offer a creative and cooperative setting highly linked with pioneers from civil society and regional stakeholder groups who share the aim of sustainable socio-ecological change.



Photo Credit: Max Veulliet

What is our Mission?

We want to support, motivate and educate young sustainability-driven entrepreneurs in their early phase of starting a business.


Sustainable change is an open and participatory learning process. The Playpark represents a space where  sustainability-driven enterprises can learn and work toward such change.



What do we do differently?

Recently, we face a great wave of new start-up centres and co-working spaces all over the world.
What makes the CERIecon Playpark Vienna unique is:

  • our explicit focus on self-organization – the involved start-ups shape and organize their working and learning environment to a great degree – they define “how to play” in the Playpark
  • a strong focus on collaboration with different stakeholder groups – such as NGOs, schools, researchers, etc
  • open house rules of a learning and development space – the Playpark is also a place for local and international events, communication and mutual social learning
  • and a strong focus on social innovation and sustainability-driven entrepreneurship