Have you ever heard about Design Thinking

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Have you ever heard about Design Thinking?

No? Ok, let´s be brief: Design Thinking is a method, which helps you to find solutions to complex, tricky problems. It is based on 5 steps, which ideally lead you to an innovative solution: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.

The method is already widely used in business contexts, for example to generate new products and services. But in a world, where consumerism is sometimes treated as a new religion and the actions of mankind cause serious harm to the socio-ecological environment – it should be more about finding solutions, that benefit society and environment in the first place.

Therefore, Alina Lindermuth, a student from the master program Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy at WU Vienna, dedicated her master thesis to evaluate the potential of the Design Thinking method for sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship and Organizations – meaning people, who focus their core business action around a social or ecological benefit. She found, that Design Thinking is a valuable method for sustainable and social means, because it is a human-centered, holistic and fast-proceeding process. However, Alina´s research also showed, that there is need and interest for altering the existing Design Thinking method to make it a more specified tool for sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship and Organizations. Therefore, she kept researching and finally invented Eco-Social Design Thinking, a method, considering socio-ecological considerations throughout the process of solving problems. (Interested? Don´t hesitate to ask your questions to Alina.)

To get an insight of Alina´s research and the Design Thinking method, watch the Video. The Video shows the Design Thinking Workshop she conducted during the research for her thesis at CERIecon Playpark Vienna with startups working there. Have fun watching it and join the fast-paced journey of innovation through the 5 steps of Design Thinking.
Click here to see the Video.

(Video by Alina Lindermuth)