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Start-ups brauchen einen Arbeitsplatz zum Treffen und profitieren von einem gegenseitigem Austausch. Sie benötigen Feedback, Know-How Input von Coaches und ein sinnvolles Netzwerk. Das klingt auch relevant für dich?

Playpark Vienna application


    You can fill out the application form in German if you prefer. Just keep in mind that the program will be both in German and English – be ready for the mix!
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  • What is the core of your business idea? What are the expected products/services/processes? (max. 1500 characters)
  • Why is your business a sustainability-driven start-up? What will be your social and ecological impact? How does your business support a socio-ecological transformation?
  • Who are your targeted customers? Why would the customer be willing to buy your product/process/service? Please describe your target market. How do you expect to attract your customer?
  • What strengths and weaknesses does your product/process/service have in comparison to existing products and competition? What makes your business idea special on the market, how does it differ from what is already out there? Please describe your unique selling proposition (USP) (i.e. advantage above other products available in the market). What are the risks and what are the opportunities of your business idea? How do you intend to face these risks?
  • Describe how your business idea is connected to the key innovation strategy themes for the region of Vienna, i.e. smart city, and/or social innovation. The Playpark is part of the CERIecon project, which works with innovation and entrepreneurial competences in relation to the EU regional smart specialization strategies (RIS3). In line with these strategies, the Playpark in Vienna looks specifically for start-up ideas referring to smart city strategies, social innovation, or in broader terms sustainability-driven entrepreneurship. To learn more about RIS3, please consult the EU regional specialization platform, and Vienna’s innovation strategy.
  • What impact can your business idea have on the region of Vienna/the country of Austria/on the international level?
  • What expertise/competences do members of the team have: Please describe the technical and business expertise of the team. What additional personnel is required?