Photo Credit: Max Veulliet

CERIecon – or CENTRAL EUROPE Regional Innovation Ecosystems Network, is an ERDF co-funded international project that works towards changing the way entrepreneurs are inspired, trained and supported by developing and implementing new-type comprehensive regional innovation ecosystems (called Playparks) and a transnational innovation ecosystems’ network to advance economic and social innovation in seven EU member states – the Playpark Network.


Project partners: Vienna (AT); Veneto (IT); Stuttgart (DE); Bratislava (SK); Rijeka (HR); Brno & Prague (CZ); Cracow (PL) – 2 partners per each region, one policy partner and one expert partner per Member State

Project duration: 36 months I Start date: 02.06.2016 I End date: 31.05.2019

CERIecon aims to increase and improve the skills of employees in the business sector (particularly in start-ups and young SMEs) in CE Member States regarding novel technologies, innovative products, services or processes and social innovation contributing to regional smart specialisation strategies. An entrepreneurial culture will be developed and fostered so that more and more young females and males are inspired to become entrepreneurs and develop their own firms. Their skills and entrepreneurial competences will be improved through the best possible regional support and training available in new-type comprehensive regional innovation ecosystems. These ecosystems will incorporate and utilise regional smart specialization strategies (RIS3) as drivers for innovation. Take a look yourself!

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At the CERIecon Playpark Vienna, together with the Vienna Board of Education as the policy partner and CERIecon lead coordinator, the RCE Vienna and the WU focus primarily on creating an environment for student start-ups dealing particularly with sustainability and social innovation, as well as smart city issues, providing the participants with a 6-months long support program. Read more about the Playpark here.