In Situ Project Update

Remember the ‘new’ EU Project: In Situ?

Well it has been running for almost a year and there are some exciting updates.

What do we do, What do we want?

  • Our goal is to foster inclusiveness within the world of Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Our target groups are socioeconomically disadvantaged youth and long-​term-unemployed adults

These are groups that all too often are perceived as passive receivers of social innovations – we want to create opportunities for them to become solution co-​creators.

Our IN SITU VIENNA mission is:

To foster positive societal impact and make Social Entrepreneurship more inclusive by creating spaces of inspiration and empowerment where every citizen – disregarding their background – is seen as a co-​creator, rather than target, of social innovation.

We connected to many important stakeholder in the social innovation/entrepreneurship scene and had a great Roundtable/Networking Event in February. Now we are working on a great workshop methodology-to be implemented in September (2020). Our IN SITU team will offer workshop series free of cost, in which participants will get a chance to discover the potential of their ideas, expand their creative social thinking as well as business-​planning skills, and develop their own social projects.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Laura via mail: