Sustainability Challenge

The Sustainability Challenge is an interdisciplinary University course on Sustainable Development. The initiative has already been running for the fourth time in Vienna in cooperation with four universities and one purpose: to educate leaders of tomorrow through an innovative learning experience.


The program involves the University of Vienna, the University of Technology in Vienna (TU), the University of Economics and Business in Vienna (WU) and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna (BOKU). It is under patronage of the Austrian Commission of UNESCO and co-financed by the Austrian Ministry of Science. Each spring Semester the program is offered to students and is based upon the four topics climate change, ecological economics, sustainable building and energy as well as social sciences.

The ISC complements conventional university work by interdisciplinary working group assignments and the Service Learning methodology. A concept of experimental learning that links the classroom with local organizations and addresses needs in the local community. For universities the Service Learning methodology offers the opportunity to test theories by means of practical problems and get in touch with interview or survey partners more easily. Companies can use insights for product development and services for technical as well as research support. One major achievement of Sustainability Challenge is the accreditation of the course at each of the four universities, enabling students to receive credits within their curriculum and showing the importance of sustainable development within the given study plans.

More information about the Sustainability Challenge (German).