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Logo3.inddDuring summer 2015, the ‘Vienna Forum’ is intent to invite in their ‘Leadership Program’ approx. 300-­400 high school students and recent graduates from mostly USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore to Vienna during an educational tour through out Europe, to introduce to them what educational and career possibilities Vienna has to offer. The students may choose from five different tracks that are presenting  different interest areas to immerse themselves in an interactive, fun and engaging experiences and activities to spark interested, passion and dedication to their fields.

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The projectgroup of three students of various universities of Vienna have been through the process of choosing an academic career and have displayed interest in the fields of sustainability and technology in the context of ‘Smart City’ by participating at the Sustainability Challenge 2014.

Their task was to find alternative activities, experiences and program options for the students who have chosen the track ‘sustainability and technology’. Within 3 half days and 2 full days, given the budget of 1,000-­‐1,500 EU, we established a plan of places to visit, people to meet and activities to participate in, that allow for the highest potential to spark interest and passion in the participating students. Our plan is to kick-­off the week with a comprehensive workshop on ‘sustainability’ prior to the excursions and activities, to allow for an educational input and knowledge exchange between the students. This way, they can create a common understanding of what the main points and concerns of sustainability and technology are and can start the tour with an acclimatized knowledge base. Our plan is to then lead the students through the importance of the concepts of energy and management, organic agriculture, science and biotechnology and Austria’s green spaces, whereby using innovative, cool and engaging methods such as geo-­caching and the creation of a photo story about the unsustainable’ Vienna, to create a strong awareness and motivation to participate in finding sustainable solutions for todays problems.        

Participating students
Lejla Abazovic (Umwelt- und Bioressourcenmanagement, BOKU), Celmuun Dawcharbajar (Internationale Entwicklung, Uni Wien), Magdalena Niessner (Internationale Entwicklung, Uni Wien)

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