Playpark Vienna

Applications for our 6-months long program are now open! Fill out our application form until the 26nd of February. Program starts in mid-March!

Playpark Opening – graphic recording by Lana Lauren ( Photo credit: Ritchy Pop


CERIecon Playpark Vienna is a unique academy for young start-ups and future entrepreneurs who want to tackle sustainability challenges through their entrepreneurial creativity.

Focusing on social innovation, smart cities and sustainability, we provide a learning and development space for young entrepreneurial minds, and help in the creation and implementation of their early business ideas through coaching, workshops, teaching, networking and mentoring.


But most of all, we offer a creative and cooperative setting highly linked with pioneers from civil society and regional stakeholder groups who share the aim of sustainable socio-ecological change.



CERIecon Playpark Opening – Lobu. Photo credit: Ritchy Pop.

What is our Mission?

We want to support, motivate and educate young sustainability-driven entrepreneurs in their early phase of starting a business. We see the primary purpose of sustainability-driven start-ups as tackling the major challenges of our society with the creative and cooperative mind-sets of “unusual” entrepreneurs.




As sustainable change is an open and participatory learning process, sustainability-driven enterprises represent a new fundamental concept to business, shaped by cooperation, partnerships with civil society and responsibility.



The Living Wall @ CERIecon Playpark Vienna. Photo credit: Ritchy Pop.

What do we do differently?


Recently, we face a great wave of new start-up centres and co-working spaces all over the world. What makes the CERIecon Playpark Vienna unique is:

  • our explicit focus on self-organization – the involved start-ups shape and organize their working and learning environment to a great degree – they define “how to play” in the Playpark
  • a strong focus on collaboration with different stakeholder groups – such as NGOs, schools, researchers, etc
  • open house rules of a learning and development space – the Playpark is also a place for local and international events, communication and mutual social learning
  • and a strong focus on social innovation and sustainability-driven entrepreneurship