Playpark Finals in Venice!- What a Success for our Austrian Start-ups!

Playpark Finals in Venice. Winners are New Austrian Coding School and Kern Tec, both from Playpark Vienna.

🥁 Such a great Playpark finals in Venice!🥁

Congratulations to New Austrian Coding School for the 🏆1. Prize as Social Start-up and to Kern Tec for the 🏆 1. Prize as Economic Start-up.🏆

🚀 We at Playpark Vienna are especially proud that both winners were chosen from our Playpark ☺️!

All in all we had 2 very exciting days, where many interesting start ups from 7 countries met each other and had the chance to exchange and network in the middle of Venice while enjoying the wonderful atmosphere!🌞

Now we are curious about the new start-ups, which will be starting soon!🤓