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The RCE supports the campaign #SavePeopleNotPlanes

In good times, airlines make huge private revenues and profit from the tax privileges of aviation. In times of crisis they want to get public money to save their business. We cannot allow the privatisation of profits, and the generalisation of losses. We, the undersigned, signal our red lines to respective governments: Bailouts must not allow the aviation sector to return to business as usual after Covid-19 has been defeated.

Any public money has to ensure that workers and the climate are put first.

We demand:

1. People first

2. A just transition: towards a climate-safe mobility

3. No taxes? No bailouts!


For more information, check out the official website and don’t forget to sign the petition yourself!

In Situ Project Update

Remember the ‘new’ EU Project: In Situ?

Well it has been running for almost a year and there are some exciting updates.

What do we do, What do we want?

  • Our goal is to foster inclusiveness within the world of Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Our target groups are socioeconomically disadvantaged youth and long-​term-unemployed adults

These are groups that all too often are perceived as passive receivers of social innovations – we want to create opportunities for them to become solution co-​creators.

Our IN SITU VIENNA mission is:

To foster positive societal impact and make Social Entrepreneurship more inclusive by creating spaces of inspiration and empowerment where every citizen – disregarding their background – is seen as a co-​creator, rather than target, of social innovation.

We connected to many important stakeholder in the social innovation/entrepreneurship scene and had a great Roundtable/Networking Event in February. Now we are working on a great workshop methodology-to be implemented in September (2020). Our IN SITU team will offer workshop series free of cost, in which participants will get a chance to discover the potential of their ideas, expand their creative social thinking as well as business-​planning skills, and develop their own social projects.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Laura via mail:


BUILD Programme: Apply Now!

Send your application to: and until the 28th of October!
For more information on the EU-Project, check out the official website!


The new project at the RCE!


In Situ

The IN SITU (Intergenerational Social Innovation Support Scheme) project focuses on socio-economic and demographic challenges. The main focus is on the long-term unemployed and young people with inadequate qualifications. The project aims to bring these young people together with jobseekers over 50 years of age so that both generations can exchange experiences and compensate for each other’s lack of skills.

In order to meet the specific needs in the partner regions, the project consortium will formulate a strategy for the development and promotion of intergenerational social innovation. On this basis and through intensive training and mentoring programmes, companies and initiatives with a social focus are to emerge – for and with those affected. The main actors are supporters and organisations, experts in the field of entrepreneurship and social innovation as well as public and private funding initiatives. The duration of the project is three years and the funding amount is 2,418,720 euros.

The project is managed by the European Office in Vienna, which was also the lead partner in the previous project CERIecon (Central Europe Regional Innovation Ecosystems Network). Partners from Veneto/Italy, Rijeka/Croatia, Dąbrowa Górnicza/Poland and Maribor/Slovenia and Stuttgart/Germany are also involved. RCE’s regional cooperation partner is the European Office.

Christian Rammel is responsible for project coordination at RCE:,  Laura Hohoff: is responsilbe for the project management.

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE programme co-financed by the ERDF.




[UN]BLOCKED – Programming a Sustainable World

01 APR, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien , Library & Learning Center Festsaal 1, Forum 09:00 – 18:00

Blockchain for Sustainability Conference

Opening the Vienna Blockchain Week on April 1st, [UN]BLOCKED Conference will provide a space for everyone interested in learning more about how blockchain can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN. In the spirit of Blockchain, conference is permissionless aiming to act as the fertile ground for networking of all stakeholders (researchers, startups, policymakers, NGOs) bridging the gap between technology and sustainability experts.

Come by and interact with:

12 speakers

16 initiatives

5 panelists

Art Konferenz/Tagung
Veranstalter FI für Kryptoökonomie