SME Platform

SME Platform

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the programme area (Vienna, Wiener Umland North, Wiener Umland South, Weinviertel, Lower Austria, North Burgenland, Bratislava, and Trnava) are invited to participate in the ALTECS project. In particular, companies that are interested in sustainability and want to implement aspects of sustainability in their enterprise are addressed. Furthermore, SMEs having already established or willing to set up cross-border co-operation with other companies in the border region Slovak Republic – Austria are especially focused on.

The basic goal is to define project topics linked to sustainability and to tackle them together with students of the summer university in the framework of peer group projects. This will be of benefit for both the students and the companies involved. Examples for topics of interest would be sustainable ecological production, environmental and quality measures, human resources issues, migration out of the region, ageing of population, and networking of and within the region.

The participating SMEs will generate an added value since they can start up useful initiatives in the fields of regional development and qualification measures by using external resources and exchanging know-how with universities. At the same time, networking opportunities with other players are provided in the context of an SMEs platform that will be exclusively established for the ALTECS project. In addition, promotion possibilities will be offered to the companies throughout the whole co-operation.

If you are interested to participate please contact the ALTECS project team!

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