First-hand ecological know-how and constructional expertise packed in a three-week program in the capital of energy-efficient building.

8569083646_ec66271549_bThe summer school Green.Building.Solutions. takes on central ecological, economic, technical and social aspects of sustainable planning and building and offers its graduates uniquely in Austria the possibility to inspect the contents from an interdisciplinary perspective and to experience them practically. Thereby knowledge for sustainable planning and building is acquired and deepened.

For the purpose of practical and sustainable learning, excursions and guided tours are part of the program of G.B.S. The summer school is conceived as a modular university course with a duration of three weeks and a students-workload of 7 ECTS points. The required material for the students is available online. The graduates should be able to represent the focus on resource-oriented building and planning in a professional manner in their occupational field and additionally acquire ancillary skills in their particular core field.

8569083646_ec66271549_bThat way a deep understanding for the interdependence of architectural, technical and ecological solutions is communicated to the students, at the same time they are getting to know the topic of sustainable building with pertinent tools and strategies. An important aspect of this is the acquisition of knowledge about Passivhaus-technologies. Additionally, a connection to social sustainability is made in the projects.

The students thus gain expert knowledge for a sustainable development in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and room planning, can enlarge their qualification profile and improve their approach to different occupational fields. Green.Building.Solutions. is divided into three modules as to content, which emphasise the scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects:

  • Module 1: Sustainability in Building and Urban Planning
  • Module 2: Principles of Passivhausplanning
  • Module 3: Renewable Energies and Business Concepts
  • Project Work

More Information about the Green.Building.Solutions. summer university (englisch).


Project history:
Idea, method, concept and realisation of the Green.Building.Solutions. summer university were created by the OeAD housing office and the International Network for Educational Exchange (INEX). After a multi-annual successful performance the coordination of the summer university was transferred to the RCE-Vienna in 2013. Find more information about INEX, vision, projects and partners on