Climate-Friendly Climate Research (completed)

Does flying around the world to conferences suggest a real and urgent concern for the effect of greenhouse gas emissions on the climate?”

Climate change research and research programming, especially in terms of publicly funded research programmes, aims to support society in tackling the grand societal challenge of climate change and to underpin the necessity of reducing the carbon footprint of its activities.

Ironically, the research and research programming sector itself, including climate change research, has developed a considerably carbon-intensive working style – fuelled by growing expectations of international cooperation, low air fares and an increasing use of resource intensive infrastructures. However, crucial to scientific communication is also credibility, which can be severely undermined by such activities, which are often inconsistent with the message that climate scientists in particular advocate.

With the ‘climate-friendly climate research’ project, the Alliance of Austrian Sustainable Universities in cooperation with the CCCA and with financial support by the BMWF, provides a break-through in climate-friendly research by reducing the carbon footprint of climate (and other) research whilst increasing its credibility. The project is conducted in the context of the European Joint Programming Initiative JPI CLIMATE in cooperation with European partners in climate research and research funding.

By going beyond business as usual options and using the opportunity to jointly identify and develop innovative and inspiring approaches at different levels and stages of the research and research programming processes, the ‘climate-friendly climate research’ project, provides role models for researchers and research funders in Europe and beyond.



…taking into account the challenges of climate change in the work of the JPI, based on active reflection of operations and formulating the endeavor of constant improvement of the operations’ climate performance.

By making the above sustainability principle an integral part of its governance, JPI CLIMATE has set the course to proactively address this challenge in research and research programming, in terms of joint, active and explorative learning.

This pilot project “Climate-Friendly Climate Research” represents the Austrian contribution, financed by the BMWF, to the corresponding JPI CLIMATE activity to encourage and facilitate this learning process to more climate friendly research and research programming.

Austrian contact point for JPI CLIMATE

Alliance of Austrian Sustainable Universities

The project represents the first active cooperation between different universities as part of the Alliance of Austrian Sustainable Universities formed in 2012. Project results are expected to form a credible knowledge base for the formulation of sustainability strategies as part of university service agreements with the Federal Ministry for Science and Research, as one of the first mile stones agreed upon in the alliance.

The work packages are conducted by 4 members of the Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria and facilitated by considerable in-kind contributions by these universities.

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Adam Pawloff, MA
Matthew Aversano-Dearborn, MA
Mag. Dominik Schmitz
Dr. Sebastian Helgenberger

Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt
Ass.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Getzinger Günter

Vienna University of Economics and Business
Dr. Christian Rammel
Tobias Kirchhof

University of Salzburg
Dr. Bernhard Zagel
David Röthler