What is CERIecon?ceriecon_rgb

CERIecon stands for “CENTRAL EUROPE Regional Innovation Ecosystems Network”.
Project webpage: CERIecon
Project duration is 36 months (June 2016 – May 2019).
Project total budget: € 3.112.975,00.

The Playpark Vienna is one of seven unique academies created as part of the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Project – CERIecon. Through a network of seven Playparks in seven different EU countries, CERIecon aims at fostering entrepreneurial skills and competences in line with the EU regional innovation strategies.
The Playpark Vienna is cofounded by the ERDF and brought to you by the regional partners:

  • RCE Vienna, Institute for Ecological Economics, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)
  • the Vienna Board of Education, European Office (Stadtschulrat für Wien)

More on CERIecon playpark here


Laura Hohoff
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Dr. Christian Rammel
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